Smart Play by Luis Francos

Nuria Almirall of Spain found herself faced with a 6C contract that did not appear to have much chance of success.

Game All. Dealer South.

                          S 2
                          H A84
                          D AK75
                          C K6542
               S J976                S QT843
               H K6                  H J953
               D 9642                D T83
               C T73                 C A
                          S AK5
                          H QT72
                          D QJ
                          C QJ98

East led a diamond and Nuria looked for the only winning position... and found it! In dummy with the DJ, Nuria (North), cashed the DQ and played the S AK, discarding a heart from her hand, and ruffed the third spade.

She then played a third round of diamonds and keeping her fingers crossed, followed this with a small trump. Her
prayers were answered when East held only the singleton Ace.

She was forced to play a heart or concede a ruff and discard. When she correctly played a heart, Nuria cleared
the final hurdle by putting in dummy's ten. 
Well played!