How the frozen suit came in from the cold! by Heinz Guthwert  (Finland)

One of the members here, on the Finnish Open Team, Mika Salomaa, found an elegant solution, in an impossible Notrump game.

Game All. Dealer East.

                          S A4
                          H AK985
                          D T95
                          C Q95
                 S J732             S 985
                 H QJT2             H 73
                 D J5               D AK764
                 C J32              C K84
                          S KQT6
                          H 64
                          D Q83
                          C AT76

             West     North     East      South
                      Utter               Salomaa
                                Pass      Pass
             Pass      1H       2D        Dbl
             Pass      2H       Pass      2NT
             Pass      3NT      All Pass

Declarer won the DJ lead with the Queen and it seemed like an impossible mission. Even with the spades breaking kindly, declarer had only eight tricks. It didn't take long for Salomaa to find the right solution to his problem.
He crossed to the dummy with a heart and cashed the second heart honor, before playing off three rounds of spades. Then came a diamond to East's King. East also cashed the DA which led to this five card ending:

                          S -
                          H 98
                          D -
                          C Q95
                 S J               S -
                 H Q               H -
                 D -               D 76
                 C J32             C K84
                          S T
                          H -
                          D -
                          C AT76

As can be seen, to keep his black suits guarded, East has to come down to a singleton heart. On the next diamond, South can afford to let go a club, but West has no good discard. A heart gives declarer the contract on a silver plate whereas the SJ only delays the outcome.
West let go a club, but that didn't help either. Both South and West discarded a spade on the next diamond and dummy his last heart.  Salomaa played low on the enforced club return, as did West. The only thing needed was to continue with the CQ and nine tricks were there for the taking.
Note, that it wouldn't have changed the outcome if East, after the DK, returns a club, in that case declarer is able to endplay West and will come to the same result.