The Captain's Secret Weapon
             by Radoslaw Kielbasinski (Poland)

For the first time in Poland, there were no trials played
to select the ladies team for the European Championships.
Marcin Lesniewski, the captain, received carte blanche from
the Board of the Polish Bridge Union to prepare and
nominate the team.

For more than one year, he watched many ladies in play.
Then, he chose eight players, coaching them on all aspects
of bridge. Finally, he nominated three pairs to represent
Poland in Vilamoura, but alas, Danuta Hocheker, the current
World Mixed Pairs Champion from Albuquerque, was suddenly
taken to hospital for an unexpected operation, a day before
taking off to Portugal.  The captain called for his
"secret weapon", Miss Eliza Janczewska, (20), a junior
player from Warsaw.

One can only dream about making one's international debut
at the European Team Championships. In spite of the big
stress and emotion, Miss Janczewska is proving to be a
professional player. Although the Polish ladies lost to
France 13-17 on Vugraph in round 17, I spotted many well-
played hands by Eliza; at least two of them are worth
                   Ladies Teams Round 18.
              Board 12. N/S Vul. Dealer West.

                        S KQ765
H 5
                        D KJ763
                        C 53
               S T               S J8
               H AQJ84           H KT96
D QT952           D 84
C 42              C QJ986
                        S A9432
                        H 732
                        D A
                        C AKT7

         West     North      East      South
                Harasimowicz         Janczewska
         Pass      2S        Pass       2NT
         3H        4D         4H        5C
         Pass      5D         5H        Pass (!)
         Pass      Dbl       Pass       5S
         Pass      6S         All Pass

2S showed a 6-11 HCP two-suiter with spades and a minor.
2NT was a relay and 5C a cuebid. Janczewska's pass over 5H
was forcing; thus, when Eliza decided to bid 5S over
partner's double, North's 6S was an obvious action.

At the other table the French looked like stopping in game,
but unfortunately, our pair helped the French to reach slam
after all. No swing.
             Board 13. Game All. Dealer North.

                        S QT976
                        H QJ74
                        D 732
                        C 6
              S K3               S AJ
              H A65              H T98
D KQJ954           D 6
              C 74               C AKQT532
S 8542
                        H K32
                        D AT8
                        C J98
Closed Room
          West         North       East        South
Banaszkiewicz  Willard     Krogulska   Cronier
Pass        1C          Pass
          2D            Pass        3C          Pass
3NT            Pass       4NT          Pass
6D            Pass       6NT         All Pass

Open Room
       West      North            East        South
       Saul      Harasimowicz     Bessis      Janczewska
                  Pass             2C          Pass
        3D        Pass            3NT          Pass
        4D        Pass             4S          Pass
       4NT        Pass             5H          Pass
       6NT       All Pass

Krogulska's 1C opening was Polish, natural, a weak no trump
or strong and artificial and 2D was natural and game
forcing.  Krogulska showed her hand type, then her extra
values and Banaszkiewicz jumped to slam. Krogulska saw no
benefit in playing in diamonds so converted to 6NT.  The
auction had been quite unrevealing and Willard was given a
blind guess which major to lead. When she chose the S10,
declarer had no problem making twelve tricks; +1440.

In the Open Room, 2C showed an eight trick hand in any suit
or a balanced 22 -23 and 3D showed a positive hand with a
good six card suit. Now 3NT was ambiguous, it could have
been the strong balanced type and Saul rebid her suit as a
slam try. Bessis cuebid and Saul checked on Aces before
jumping to 6NT.

Here, the auction had been much more revealing. It was
clear that an attacking lead was required, as whichever
hand type declarer was looking at, she must have abundant
tricks if left to her own devices, but the spade cuebid
suggested that hearts was the suit to attack.  Janczewska
unerringly placed the H3 on the table and Bessis was down
two: -200 and 17 Imps to Poland - just the start they