No Turkish Delight For The Poles by Ergun Korkut (Turkey)

During the first half, the Polish East-West pair (Stobiecki and Nowak) bid 6H on the following hands:

            S AK5            S 64
            H A843           H KJ9752
            D AK984          D 52
            C J              C AK9

In the Closed Room, when Korkut, as East, opened 1H, Polec, as South, overcalled 1NT, which was alerted as showing four
spades and five cards in a minor. When East-West eventually ended up in 7H, Gwis (North) thought 7S would be a cheap save against the grand slam, and he bid it. Here are the four hands:

E/W Vul. Dealer East.

                         S 9832
                         H 6
                         D JT73
                         C 6542
              S AK5               S 64
              H A843              H KJ9752
              D AK984             D 52
              C J                 C AK9
                         S QJT7
                         H QT
                         D Q6
                         C QT873

The Turkish defense was not very good, so the contract only went down eight: 2000 to Turkey, which would have shown a profit had their team-mates bid the grand slam.
If the defense starts off with two rounds of hearts and declarer ruffs in his hand.  He has to play clubs and put in dummy's Queen if East does not rise with the Ace or King.  If he guesses wrong ,and plays the ten on East's nine, he can be held to three tricks.
After winning the CJ, West plays three rounds of trumps. Whether declarer wins in hand or in dummy, the defenders can always hold him to one more trump trick by taking two diamonds and playing hearts at every opportunity.
Love All. Dealer East.

                           S AT64
                           H 42
                           D Q82
                           C AKQ9
                S Q95               S KJ873
                H AQT863            H J5
                D T                 D 97543
                C J76               C 8
                           S 2
                           H K97
                           D AKJ6
                           C T5432

Both Easts, as dealer, started the bidding with 2S. In the system used by the Turks, this shows a weak 5-5 hand with spades and another suit; in the Polish system, it shows a weak 5-5 with spades and a minor. The Turkish North-South pair, Ali Yalman and Halit Bigat, bid 3NT and made eleven tricks.
In the Closed Room, Nowak as South for Poland, doubled 2S, which was alerted and described as a strong take-out. Stobiecki as North, went straight to 3NT.
For Turkey, Korkut as East, seeing no hope in establishing his suit and trusting his opponents to be very good players, who would have bid a heart game, if this would be the proper contract, led the HJ. North claimed after the Turks took the first six tricks.