A Letter To Ma Andersen by Sam Leckie

Dear Ma Andersen,

I have never met you, yet I know you are my kind of woman. I admire your instinctive knowledge of the play of a  hand without knowing the exact odds,; and your sense of humor is terrific, just like my own. In fact, I feel we would make a great commentary team "The Mammy and Sammy Show."
I was, however, rather disappointed on the hand you featured in yesterday's Bulletin. When the CQ scored at trick two, you never mentioned that declarer had a 100% play. Remember the deal:

N/S Vul. Dealer West.

                           S K8
                           H KQT43
                           D JT3
                           C QJT
                S Q7                S 9532
                H J962              H A85
                D AK5               D 987
                C 9852              C K63
                           S AJT64
                           H 7
                           D Q642
                           C A74

If declarer now plays on spades and takes the losing finesse, West can only return a club and the Jack must be covered by East to kill the diamond suit. Declarer now takes his spade tricks, pitching three hearts from his hand and leads a low diamond. West must duck and now declarer plays his HK for nine tricks: four spades, three clubs, one heart and one diamond.
Your percentage play comes into the reckoning only when the first club is covered by the King.
By the way: I'm staying at the Atlantis Hotel, just along the road. Would Ron mind do you think?

Editor's Note: Mrs. Andersen received Sam's letter early yesterday evening and asked us to pass her reply to Sam when we saw him. As the correspondence has begun "in the open", neither one of them minded it continuing.

Dearest Mr. Leckie,

Or could I call you "Sammy"? I'm sure that Ronnie wouldn't mind, but maybe you would. You see, most people see me as a
many-headed monster (just like the terrible V-G triad) and that's why I sneak around in order to check up on the general finesse technique instead of appearing in public. I leave that to my poor, misguided son and his miserable generals.
I am, however, extremely pleased that you have enjoyed my frustration, even though I am sure that your enthusiasm is not fully shared by the Britisher analyst phantom, nor by the Great Dane.
As to the contents of your criticism, you must really excuse me. I wouldn't know the first thing about things of that nature. Obviously, you belong together with the Cartoon Man and I feel quite confident that the two of you will have a few laughs if you stick your heads together, over this board, for a couple of hours. Just don't include me, as this is just too much for me!
However, if you do mean business, you will get my room number through Ron. I would have to be reassured that you will not mention bridge, Ron, VuGraph, squeeze, sports or Chinese cartoon men.

Ron's Mother

PS. Please keep calling me "Ma". I do like that!