What would you do? by John MacGregor

As North you hear the following auction:

             West     North     East     South
                                 1S       Pass
              2H      Pass       2S       Pass
              3C      Pass       3D       Pass
             3NT     All Pass

3D was alerted on your side of the screen (North and East)and explained as forcing, not necessarily natural.  After
you lead the C3, dummy comes down:

                        S A75
                        H 752
                        D A5
                        C K8753

                                  S KQT92
                                  H 83
                                  D QT6
                                  C A94

Declarer plays small from dummy and wins the trick in his hand with the C10. He next leads the SJ, and of course, you
being the good player that you are, you grab the SA and switch to the DA and a small diamond to catch partner with
D KJ9xx and down two.

But why did Jan Diamant of the Czech republic, in his match against Lebanon, not do that?  Well, he was practicing the
standard of ethics required at the highest levels.

After dummy came down, his partner closed the screen opening and called for the Tournament Director. Therefore, he felt that taking the SA and switching to diamonds may have been influenced by his partner's TD call. Well done,

The full hand:
N/S Vul. Dealer East.

                           S A75
                           H 752
                           D A5
                           C K8753
                  S J                S KQT92
                  H AKQJ4            H 83
                  D 872              D QT6
                  C QJT2             C A94
                           S 8643
                           H T96
                           D KJ943
                           C 6