The operation was a success... by Steen Moller (Denmark)

N/S Vul. Dealer East.

                          S T43
                          H 6532
                          D 8
                          C QJ642
                S AKQ9              S J2
                H KQ87              H AJT
                D A64               D KJ5
                C A3                C KT987
                          S 8765
                          H 94
                          D QT9732
                          C 5

          West       North         East        South
        Blakset  Kapayannidis  Christiansen  Liarakos
                                    1NT         Pass
           2C         Pass           2D         Pass
           2S         Pass          2NT         Pass
           3C         Pass           3D         Pass
           3H         Pass          3NT         Pass
           4D         Pass           4H         Pass
           4S         Pass          4NT         Pass
           5C         Pass           5D         Pass
           5H         Pass           5S         Pass
          5NT         Pass           6C         Pass
           6D         Pass           7C         Pass
           7H       All Pass

There are two reasons for me to report this hand from the match between Greece and Denmark.

The main reason is my secret arrangement with the Daily Bulletin, who are paying me per line. The public reason is that I think the board above is a serious candidate as the best bid hand of these championships.

The Danish players, Lars Blakset-Soren Christiansen, use a natural system, but they are working hard on developing gadgets within their natural frame. One of these is the use of game forcing relays in some situations, one of which is after a notrump opening - so here we go.

1NT was 12-14, and 2C normal Stayman, 2D denying majors. 2S started the relays and West continued the relays until he
bid the final contract, knowing every card in his partner's hand.
This is what East told his partner, starting with 2NT: Any 3-2 or 2-3 in the majors; 2-3-3-5; 4 controls; No CQ;
No HQ; No DQ; No SQ; No CJ; HJ+DJ+SJ.
One may note, that West skipped a 4C bid, which would have asked for specific aces and kings, but West already knew
that he and his partner held all of them, thus the 4D bid had to go directly for the Queens.
As we can all see, this is a good grand slam, basically needing only the hearts to be 4-2 or better, the spades to be 4-3, and the diamonds to be 5-2 or better.  There are a couple of additional chances if the spades are 5-2 and a remote chance of finding the DQ bare, but I leave it to the mathematicians to figure this out.

North led a trump and declarer cashed another. Then dummy's D5 went away on the third spade. A diamond was led to the King and a diamond back to the Ace, but alas - North ruffed and was able to play another round of trump, so the contract went down two. 14 imps to Greece for bidding 6NT in the other room.