The Club 5 enpassant to land 5 Clubs ! by Jon Sveindal (Norway)

N/S Vul. Dealer North.

                          S K
                          H K9
                          D QJT72
                          C KT853
                S 98                S JT6532
                H 84                H QJT
                D AK864             D 953
                C Q762              C A
                          S AQ74
                          H A76532
                          D -
                          C J94

            West     North      East       South
                      1D         2S         3H
             Pass     4C        Pass        5C
           All Pass

When you don't succeed particularly well in the bidding, it is nice to see that compensated with an unusual winning endplay. Tor Bakke, North, might have raised hearts, but who can blame him for introducing his club suit?

The spade lead was won by the King and Tor continued with the HK and a heart to the Ace. Then he took a diamond discard on the SA, but when West played the C6 to the SQ, Tor over ruffed with the eight. That was followed by a diamond ruff, a spade ruff, a diamond ruff and a heart.

The Spanish West led the C7 and Tor won with the ten. Another diamond was ruffed and a heart was led.  West led his C2 and Tor inserted his King. He knew that East was 6-3-3-1 and that he could not go down! He played the King to make a five, win a fiver, enpassant, which came automatically when East, in with the Ace, had nothing but spades left.