A battle against the Hellenic by Heinz Guthwert. (Finland)

The performance of the Finnish team in Vilamoura has been very up and down. The players have not been getting enough practice in international events, an absolute necessity for success.  However, there are some players on the team with
good technique as demonstrated by Kauko Koistinen in the match against Greece.

Love All. Dealer East.

                           S K742
                           H 983
                           D JT76
                           C KT
                 S A98               S QJ5
                 H J6                H AK72
                 D Q54               D A932
                 C AQ942             C 85
                           S T63
                           H QT54
                           D K8
                           C J763

           West     North      East         South
         Kiema   Liarakos    Koistinen    Kapayannides
                              1H(1)          Pass
           2C(2)     Pass     2NT            Pass
          3NT      All Pass
          (1) 11-16 HCP four card suit (2) 10+ HCP

The six of spades was led and went to the eight and North's King. Koistinen won the next trick with the spade Jack and
played a diamond, South's King winning. He played back another spade to dummy's Ace. North was caught out when declarer played a little club from the dummy, rising with the King and cashing his spade winner, while declarer discarded a heart. Dummy and South both threw a club. The ten of clubs was won in dummy and declarer returned to the closed hand with the DA, leaving the following ending:

                            S -
                            H 983
                            D JT
                            C -
                   S -               S -
                   H J6              H AK7
                   D Q               D 93
                   C Q9              C -
                            S -
                            H QT5
                            D -
                            C J7

On the next diamond South had to let go a heart, and when Koistinen cashed the queen of clubs, the defense was helpless.  At the table, North let go a heart and declarer's game going trick was the seven of hearts. At the other table the same contract went down two.