Entry Provided by Patrick Jourdain (GB)

The favorites, Poland, beat lowly-placed Lebanon 19-11; but Pierre Chidiac, for the underdogs, made a play that could make the "Deal Hand of the Championship".

Love All. Dealer North.

                           S 97432
                           H 87
                           D A973
                           C 62
                 S Q                S AJT6
                 H A63              H JT94
                 D QJ8642           D K5
                 C A73              C QT4
                           S K85
                           H KQ52
                           D T
                           C KJ985

             West     North     East     South
             Fahs    Gawrys   Chidiac   Lasocki
                      Pass      Pass      2C(1)
              2D      Pass       2NT     Pass
             3NT      Pass      Pass     Pass

         (1) 2C was Polish: either 5 clubs and a major, or
             6 clubs, 11-15.

At both tables, East reached 3NT. The Lebanese South led a club. Zmudzinski won in hand and advanced DK. North won and
returned a club to set up South's suit. When the diamonds did not break, and South had a sure entry, the game was
doomed. The club lead, apparently costing a trick, had proved effective.
At the other table, South, Lasocki, led HK. This had the effect of removing an entry from dummy, making the matter of setting up the diamonds a problem. Chidiac won, led a diamond to the king, and a second diamond.
The snag appeared when South threw a heart. North won and led a club. The ten was covered by the jack, and Chidiac allowed this to hold. Lasocki exited with HQ and another heart.  This removed the entry for East to reach his extra spade tricks.
Chidiac cashed his heart, South ditching a club, and dummy a diamond. With seven top tricks, but entry problems for anymore, declarer led a low spade from hand. If South won, he would have to lead a black card to give East nine tricks, so, Lasocki correctly let dummy's queen win.  This was the fascinating ending:

                              S 97
                              H --
                              D 97
                              C 2
                     S --            S AJT
                     H --            H --
                     D J86           D --
                     C A7            C Q4
                              S K8
                              H --
                              D --
                              C K98

The lead was in the West hand and declarer could only afford to lose one more trick. Chidiac cashed DJ. What can Lasocki, South, throw? Suppose he ditches a club. Declarer will exit with ace and another club and South has to lead a spade into East's tenace. So, Lasocki threw a spade; after all, there appeared to be no entry to the East hand. But now Chidiac cashed CA and exited with a diamond to North. North had to return a spade and the ace dropped South's king!

Now that is really something.