Clash of interest by Patrick Jourdain

Would a journalist rather have a top, or a good story and a bottom? I had the latter on the following board:

Love All. Dealer East.

                           S K652
H K4
                           D AKQ5
                           C K95
                   S J4            S 9873
                   H J87           H T32
                   D 9643          D J8
C AT86          C 7432
                           H AQ965
                           D T72

The unopposed auction was fine until South decided to bid one for the road:

              West     North     East     South
                                 Pass      1H
              Pass      2NT(1)   Pass      3H
              Pass      4NT(2)   Pass      5S(3)
              Pass      6NT      Pass     7NT(4)
              Pass     Pass      Pass

             (1) 2NT was Baron
             (2) 4NT was Roman Keycard Blackwood
             (3) 5S showed 2 of 5 aces and the HQ
             (4) 7NT was undisciplined.

If I had led a club, we would have had 100% but no story. I chose the S8. Declarer can cash 13 winners by taking advantage of hearts being 3-3 and both doubleton jacks falling, but transportation is very difficult.

Declarer must unblock in spades and diamonds first, then use HK to reach SK and the top diamond, before going back
to the hearts.

Declarer actually won the first trick with SA and ran the hearts throwing three clubs from his own hand. This was the

                           S K65
H --
                           D AKQ5
C --
                   S J             S 973
                   H --            H --
                   D 9643          D J8
                   C AT            C 74
                           H --
                           D T72
                           C QJ

It was too late to unblock everything, but declarer followed with SQ which felled West's Jack, S10, on which West threw a low club, a diamond to hand and the last spade, throwing a club from dummy.

If West throws a diamond, declarer's diamonds are good, so, west had to throw the CA.  Now, when the next top diamond
felled my Jack, declarer crossed to dummy's ten to make the CQ as his 13th trick. Declarer had executed a clash squeeze to make the grand slam for 100%.