Be a Man

by Radoslaw Kielbasinski, Poland


How many points would you expect to gain when your hand is:


               S Q 6,  H J 10 9 5 2,  D 6 5,  C K 8 5 2


and you are facing a passed partner, and playing against opponents who have bid in a reasonable way?

Let's say, not too many.

Actually, in an event such as an Olympiad, you must look for any opportunity to win some IMPs that convert into VPs that may prove to be crucial when it comes to qualifying.


                            Dealer South. E/W Vul.


                            S  Q 6

                            H  J 10 9 5 2

                            D  6 5

                            C  K 8 5 2

             S  K 10                      S  A 8 4 3 2

             H  K Q 8 6 3                 H  4

             D  A Q J                     D  10 9 7 3 2

             C  A 4 3                     C  10 6

                            S  J 9 7 5

                            H  A 7

                            D  K 8 4

                            C  Q J 9 7


          WEST         NORTH         EAST         SOUTH

           -          Balicki         -         Zmudzinski

           -            -             -           Pass

          1C           Pass          1D           Pass

          2H           Pass          2NT          Pass

          3NT          Dbl!          All Pass


It looks as if the Tunisian pair was playing a version of the Polish Club! One Club was artificial, the response a negative, and Two Hearts promised 20-21 with five hearts.

After South's lead of the queen of clubs declarer was doomed to two down. However, at the table he revoked, so the final result was three down; +800 for the Poles.

Surely, you must know when to double with such cards, and the best way to learn is to play matchpoints..... or be Balicki!