Name that squeeze by Fritz Kubak
N/S Vul. Dealer South.

                           S KQ64
                           H AKT
                           D 74
                           C J852
               S A                   S J973
               H 7                   H Q542
               D KQJT953             D 82
               C T964                C AQ7
                           S T852
                           H J9863
                           D A6
                           C K3

             West      North     East    South
           Milavec               Kubak
              1D        Dbl       1NT     Dbl
              4D       Pass      Pass     Dbl
             Pass      Pass      Pass

North led the HA and continued with a small club. Milavec ducked in dummy. South took the king and played back a club, which was won in dummy.  Milavec now led a small diamond from the table. South rose with the ace and returned a spade.  Milavec took it with the ace per force and ran trumps to reach this ending:

                            S K
                            H K
                            D -
                            C J8
                    S -             S J9
                    H -             H Q
                    D 53            D -
                    C T9            C A


On the penultimate trump, North was squeezed in three suits. When he let go of a club, Milavec played a club to the ace and his hand was good. Note:  the squeeze in this ending would have worked even if the North-South hands were reversed.  +510 was of course a good result.

At the other table the contract was 5D doubled. This only went down one because North led the HA and continued with the CJ; but then he was probably just ensuring that his teammate's brilliancy could not be duplicated. Do any of you know the name for this type of squeeze?