Great Danes
                       by Barry Rigal

Both Peter Schaltz and Charlotte Palmund are well known
stars.  Charlotte was part of the team that won the World
Teams Olympiad in 1988 and Peter has already once won the
IBPA award for the best played hand of the year.

They had the opportunity to exercise their declarer play
skills on an ambitious 4S contract.

Open Teams Round 9.  Board 6. E/W Vul. Dealer East.

                           S K962
H QJ32
                           D 4
                           C Q875
S AT75           S Q
                   H K7             H A98654
D Q853           D KT2
                   C 963            C J42
                           S J843
                           H T
                           D AJ976

             West     North     East     South
                     Dorthe             Peter
                     Schaltz            Schaltz
                       Pass      2D       2S
             Pass       3S      Pass      4S
             Pass      Pass     Pass

On the lead of the HK and a second heart Schaltz ruffed in
hand, played a spade to the King, observing the Queen, and
decided to scramble ruffs in dummy. He played the DA and
ruffed a diamond, crossed to a top club and ruffed a
diamond, then used another top club to ruff a third
diamond.  In this ending:

                            S -
                            H Q4
                            D -
                            C Q8
                    S AT7          S -
                    H -            H 986
                    D -            D -
C 9            C J
                            S J8
                            H -
                            D J

Peter cashed the CQ and led the last club to discard the
good diamond from his hand. West was endplayed in trumps.

By contrast Palmund-Kalkerup had an unopposed auction to 4S
when Bettina bid 3S after 1D-1H-1S and Charlotte naturally
went on to game.

She received a club lead to the Jack and led a spade to the
King. Now, she led a low heart from dummy, on which East
took her Ace to return a club. Charlotte won in dummy,
played a diamond to the Ace and ruffed a diamond, then a
club to the Ace for another diamond ruff. A heart ruff in
hand, a diamond ruff in dummy and in the three card ending
she could exit with a club for the same trump endplay.

Was there any chance for the defense?  Well, what if the
Spanish East ducks the HA at trick three?  West wins the
King and finds the "impossible" play of sacrificing her
trump trick, playing Ace and a low spade to reach this

                           S 9
                           H QJ3
D 4
                           C Q87
S T              S -
                  H 7              H A98
D Q853           D KT2
                  C 96            C 42
                           S J
                           H -
                           D AJ976

I do not believe declarer (having lost two tricks at this
point) can succeed from here.