Throw'em in! By Tommy Sandsmark

In the Pairs the other day, certain deals were conspicuous. This one is a good example:

Game All. Dealer South.

                    S Q85
                    H Q5
                    D AK82
          WEST      C K1074   EAST
          S 32                S KJ1096
          H 1082              H A4
          D 10653             D QJ94
          C QJ83              C A5
                    S A74
                    H KJ9763
                    D 7
                    C 962

                              2D (1)
Pass      2H        2S        Pass     
Pass      3H        All Pass           
(1) Multi

Diamond Q was led by East, to the K, and declarer continued with DA and another diamond ruffed. A heart to the Q and A, and another heart to the jack and then HK. A spade to the 8 and the Ace and the last diamond from East was ruffed in South:

                    S Q5
                    H -
                    D -
          WEST      C K107    EAST
          S                   S KJ10
          H Imma-             H -
          D terial            D -
          C                   C A5
                    S A7
                    H 9
                    D -
                    C 96

On the last heart from dummy, East was forced to discard a spade, but then followed SA and another spade to throw East in for 140.

Another example:

Love All. Dealer South.

                    S K76
                    H J
                    D AQ942
                    C A876   
                    S 1054
                    H AK96
                    D J8
                    C KQJ2

Pass      1D        1S        Pass     
Pass      3NT       All Pass           

The SQ was led. How would you play?
You have four club tricks and two tricks in each of the red suits, and you are faced with the problem of keeping East away from taking a number of spade tricks. Have you decided yet?
Declarer let East keep the first trick, and he continued with the SJ to the K. Four rounds of clubs followed, on which East discarded two diamonds and West a heart. Ending up in dummy the DJ was covered by the K and the A, and East showed out. Since East didn't exactly know the layout of North's hand, he covered the HJ with the Q, and the K won the trick. Now followed D8 to the 9 and then DA:

                    S 7
                    H -
                    D 42
          WEST      C -       EAST
          S -                 S A9
          H 54                H 10
          D 10                D -
          C -                 C -
                    S 10
                    H A9
                    D -
                    C -

West was thrown in with the D10, and 11 tricks were made. Who was the fortunate declarer? I'm sorry, but my inborn modesty prevents me from telling you who! This was the layout of the opponents' hands:

          WEST                EAST
          S 83                S AQJ92
          H 5432              H Q1087
          D K1063             D 75
          C 943               C 105