'I LEARNED MY LESSON' by David Rodney


I have learned to jettison aces!  Earlier in this tournament there was a hand in the Daily Bulletin about a hand in the NABC Open Pairs where it was necessary to jettison the ace of diamonds to avoid an endplay. I failed to make this play and was subjected to some good-natured joking and teasing. Well, I try to learn from my mistakes. Yesterday in the Mixed Pairs final I was sitting West defending against three Notrump. The hand was as follows:


                          S KJ973

                          H AJ

                          D Q74

                          C AT2

                  S AT64         S Q2

                  H 976          H 8542

                  D A962         D T3

                  C 64           C J8753

                          S 85

                          H KQT3

                          D KJ85

                          C KQ9


            WEST      NORTH      EAST      SOUTH


            Pass       1S        Pass      1NT

            Pass       2C (1)    Pass       2H

            Pass      3NT       All Pass


(1) Checkback


I led a club, which declarer won in hand. He led a diamond to the queen and a diamond back to the king and my ace. I exited with a small spade, and declarer rose with the king and played four rounds of hearts. I pitched a small spade.  Declarer then cashed a club in hand and led a club to dummy. This was the position:


                            S J97

                            H --

                            D --

                            C A

                      S AT         S Q

                      H --         H --

                      D 96         D --

                      C --         C J87

                            S 8

                            H --

                            D J8

                            C 9


I pitched the ace of spades and avoided being thrown in to lead a diamond. My partner had the rest of the tricks when declarer had to lead a spade to his now-good queen. Hopefully I have learned one lesson this week.