The Elevator

"Yeah, whaddaya want?" a man asks when you enter through automatic double doors "Oh, you're just lookin'? Just take the elevator, it should take you to anything that's not out of bounds for visitors..."
There are many more things in the entrance hall, though, and you weren't said it was forbidden to stick around...

When you approach the black panel on the wall, you see its a news board. Items shoot on the screen, stay a second or two at their spot, and then continue. It seems to be very informative.

Sunday, December 31 2006

Well then, today seems to be a very good day, very very good, I might even say! Because today, the former 'Rikko's Hideout' has been through a complete re-design. If you think of the fact that the original re-design was re-designed, you might start to appreciate the work that's been thrown in here! But anyhow, have fun looking around! Oh, and don't start e-mailing me about the games you seem to miss. After a little thinking, I came to the conclusion that there are numberous other sites that give exactly the same information as I do... Give it a shot at

-~ Rik

Nothing is copyrighted, but created by me, Rik Geuze, of Dutch origin. Please refrain yourself from copying anything without my written permission.
Tuesday, March 12 2007

Today I've added a number of short stories to the G-Team page. Namely Twelve Hour Battle, To The Rescue, Escort and Watch It. Also, a number of rumors concerning bionic parts have started to rise, while the youngsters are starting to ask questions the veterans want to forget. Stay tuned for an update in the very near future!

-~ Rik

Tuesday, May 07 2007

Today I've edited To The Rescue out of the site. It's still there, but not linked to. Instead, I've placed Rescue Ops as Eva's 'special story'. It just didn't feel right to have a part of the main story be her special thingy.
Also, I've added the story of Ezekiel and am working on adding Bank Catastrophe.