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Image Information

The script has few or no problems loading this image. The image is reloaded shortly after a failed load attempt.
The image has experienced a temporary problem in loading. This is usually the result of internet congestion or other bandwidth bottlenecks, or the image is traversing from Healthy to Suffering.
The image failed to load for approximately one day. The website may have been suspended but maybe the server is just down (or spammy is playing tricks by temporarily suspending his website in the hopes that everyone will stop hitting it). The image will be periodically checked to see if it can resume being downloaded.
The image failed to load for approximately one week. The website is supposed to be dead (or spammy has changed the image name or path) and the script does not try to reload the image any more. If it reaches this point, check if spammy has changed the name or path of the image.

If you are sure the status shown is incorrect you may override it by using the radio buttons above.

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