"by the time I saw the first signs of mites ( crawling on the back of my snakes at "lights on" ), they were 7 weeks old, and around 60 cm. This treatment requires no added medication, just hygiene and some common sense ! :-)" 

Mites.... little things that crawl all over the place, that is, if you are not carefull enough... I wasn't and I faced myself with 2 snakes with blood mites on them. Not much, but on both snakes, so I needed to treat them, and the terrarium... I did as follows, and grabbed the next things :

2 liters olive or sunflower oil ( or any other liquid virgin foodgrade oil )

1 glass tank, lxwxd = 60x30x30 cm

2 huge bath towels

a warm surrounding

As I got my snakes out 1 by 1, I put them in the tank, and added all the olive oil, all over there bodies. Looking out, not to have the eyes, nose or mouth covered too much... As the snakes had a coat of oil on them, I waited aprox 30 minutes, staying with them, making sure they were OK during this  " bath ". After 30 minutes I transferred them into a bath of warm water, and tried to get as much as possible oil off of them. them I dried them up, and after decepting the terrarium, and everything in it, I put them back in there place. ( see below for details )

The trick is that the oil locks out the air entering the skin, simply killing the mites by suffocation, just like the snakes would do under water... and it works.. GREAT !! Handling is quit hard when there oily, and a point of safety should be taken with larger ones ( over 2 meter ) since my snakes do not like it that much. Even at 60 cm, they can be trouble !

So to clean the terrarium content.., just trough everything in a huge bucked and add boiling water !!!!

the terrarium itself must be washed very good with a deceptant, and rinsed even better to get rid off the last eggs and so on.