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Hi there, and welcome to the "Burmie cam area". On the left frame are 2 seperate links, that will open a new page, in this, or in a new frame.

Currently some cams are looking at Samson, an Albino Wild Phase male, age 5.5 years.

Wanna see the LIVE VIDEO FEED ?? CLICK HERE !!

On the new page that pop ups, hit the streaming video link, below the picture !!! Then you are looking LIVE into our enclosures. A black picture means lights out, and the best viewing is at daytime hours

 ( 1000 - 1600 GMT )

Remember that there are 2 cams visible, and you can chooce witch one you wanna see !!!!! One hangs in top of the enclosure, the other looks at the floor of the tank... Enjoy them !!!!!


When the new snakes are in, and settled, we will point the cams on to those great looking Albino patternless Green Phase's. So check back often !!! We expect to have them online at 01-01-2004