Welcome to our awards page. Here you will find all the info you need to apply for one of these awards.. The Jury and the staff of Mormel will take a very good look at the sites that are entered, and when approved we will send you the proper award. If you are not awarded, criteria are also send to you via mail, so you will have an idea why. We have set some general criteria, and for every award there are also some things noted seperatly. Please read the instructions carefully, and when you think your site has all it takes, feel free to contact us. Your site should be visited within 5 working days, and you will recieve an email after that with the information why and what award you have won.

See these awards as a form of saying : Thank You for having a great educational site..

Your winning site will also be linked on our special page of winners... FREE !!!

General things the site must have :

It must contain information on at least 1 subject or spiecies.

General Herp sites and terraria sites can apply. If you have more than 1 spiecies on your site, they must be very VERY well organised, Mormel is a site on the Burmese Python only, and we tend to award those sites that have the same kinda info, on whatever snake spiecies. Apply if ya blog your hognose or corn !!

No Banners and popups or adult content.

Why not...? well, those irritant little buggers are not a good way of showing off your site. Besides the fact that they take up bandwith, some also show poor, illigal or pornographic content. That's a BIG NO for us. ps, ever seen one here ?

It must have more than 10 pages.

If you start writing on something you love, it usually takes up more than a few pages...

Sites must be easy loading and good to navigate.

Are there no errors in the frames, do all pages load, are the pictures web based fast loading ?


Again, we do not care ( too much ) on what kinda things you have on your site, as long as it is snake related and some good content is found. So if you blog your hognose snake, or have a diary and webcam on your boa, or if you are just writing about Missy, your 200 LBS pet Burmese !! Apply... Who knows...

Read on below to find out what it takes to get the various awards...

Note : Awards below are slightly modified. The awards given out are personalised !!


 The Bronze award is the first of the 3 awards. If you match the general criteria, and have a site, that meets the minimal demands stated above, you will be awarded Bronze.  Your site is error free, fun to read, and the content is enough to answer general, topic related, questions.  ( what temperature, humidity, food... but to name a few )



Silver is a step up from Bronze, and so are the sites that get awarded Silver. Besides all the above stated, these sites are a bit more indepth on the topic, they have the information well sorted, and can answer the basic questions with ease.  If a Gallery is on these sites, it is good loading and reasonably good in quality. Pages are fast loading, and well organised.



 The biggest award we have to offer, is for those sites that show a iohu. a GREAT addition to the internet. As the net is officially a huge database, the sites that win the Gold award are a shiny star in this maze of wired up computers. These sites stand out in quality, have all the information needed to maintain and handle the topic involved, and more... There fast loading and if these sites have a Gallery, it is in the best of quality, loads in a seconde and shows only relevant pictures. A database with indepth information, regarding disease, links to more related things and so on is almost a pre.  The site has a good layout, is highly educational and easy to read for people between ages 1 and 99.


To apply for an award, just send an email to US !! ( please do not change the subject line, thnks ) and you will be visited within 72 hours. In that email please include the following :

name / age :

website URL :

YOUR @mail address :

topic and name o/t site :

And a ( brief ) note on why you have the animals you have, and why you want to get our award on your site.

A skilled jury will look at originality, the site itself and some other important things, and will get back to you asap. The final vote from the jury is decisive on your site, and cannot be changed. You will recieve an email with the personalised award attached to it. Place it proudly on your site... and again..


The Mormel staff 15-09-2003


Missed an Award... ? Please do not re apply for 6 Months, counting from the day we got the initiol apply.