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What's in a name.. and Who is us... ?? :

And why snakes ?? Well, that's the hard one to answer I guess.. have to get to "soul depth" for that one.. I bought my first 2 ( Melanie and Morrison ) at 22-06-2001, the day my firstborn baby was somewhat calculated to be born.. calculated yeah, cause the mother decided after almost 2 months ( !!! ) that he or she, was not welcome at all, ( aborted at 10-11-2001 ) Hell Yeah... in opposite to what she was saying the prev. time.. I just got my mind around the fact, that I was becoming a daddy, and then she took it away.. ( it was not a planned baby, but she wanted it to stay, and I took full responsibility ( duh ! ) Yepz, that took me a year or sow to get over... still sometimes hard to see a baby... But I got my own 2 kids at the same day that might changed my life... permanently !! and I must say, they keep me pretty busy :-) 

Sunshinin' Diamond  was officially adopted at 20-09-2002 also a day to remember....  

Zoe my English Stafford came in here at 28-02-2004...

Oh sure, sow now you wanna know all the rest of my juicy details huh...? Well just read on ej.. ! I was born the 24th of march, 1974, in a small...very small village called Vierpolders. Ever since I could crawl, me and my middle aged brother ( I have two of em !! ) were into sounds, lights and entertainment. My oldest bro still lives in the stone age, and does not have a homepage yet ( he thinks HTML is somekinda car !! ) and hey..! this should be about me, so were was I :

As far as my education goes ( approx to the end of the street ), I went to the LTS ( technical edu. ) and after that I've worked for about 2 years in various chemical plants... I soon found out that the more complicated things get, the more fun they were for me !!!, So in 1993 I decided to get a "high-tech education" and signed up for a shortened VaPro training. That normally takes 4 years, but I saw another way, and decided to do it in 9 months !. The first part ( VaPro A )was the hardest ( for me ), cause I failed my exams with 0.1 point AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH !!!!! I still have nightmares about that ! Anyways, I did it better the second time ( duh! )and graduated as a student Process operator ( VaPro B )in late 93'. After that I worked some more, until 95' and then I still had to go through the practical course ( took me another2 years ) I finished that in 97' and I can call myself process operator now ( I think ). Well, I can bore you with all the safety, environment and health certificates I have, but that will put ya all to sleep, so let's see what I did in my spare time ...

As time went by, I believe it was somewhere in 1989, my bro took me as a "roady" to various party's and events for his work... hehehe huhu... During that time, house music started evolving bigtime, and party's were thrown everywhere. Yeah, those were the days... I guess you will never imagine ( unless your one of them X-) what it feels like, to sit in the dunes, overlooking 35.000 party people, and at your left, the full moon sets, and at the right the sun starts to breach the surface of the sea......It felt like everyone took a part of there soul, right there and then, and poured it out over that site.... and all those who walked in there absorbed it, gave it even more energy, and gave it back again..... Can you imagine how that feels after 16 hours X-)The only time I get such a feeling back is at the Dance Valley festival. That's I guess, where my love for good "mellow" vibed music started evolving... After about 4 hardcore ( Bonehead ) years ( with REGARDS to the OLD PARKZIGT R'dam !!!!-), I soon decided that the vibe in some GOA trance feast, is a lot better than the "I am Invincible" attitude at all those DANGDANGDANG kinda feasts... ( the later to come mega events )but hey, everyone his/her/it's choice ;-) There cool, but in there own kinda way.

So I searched on and on, to find that good music, and therefore good clubs are hard to find, and it is getting worse !! Ever since the police ( and politics ) took some violence/dope related objects, the vibe came completely around in the scene. I can remember, walking into a club WITHOUT a strip-search and/or a giant metal detector, that goes "ping" even on my tongue piercing !!!!! Darn those who started it !!!! But hey, there's a new millennium commink so perhaps it will start somekinda "let's mellow out m8tes" vibe on this globe... upthat those who wanna party, can do so, without getting hurt, stabbed, arrested, OD'd or killed !


If I dig into my own thoughts, and think of the way people live together, I must say that the world has got to STOP !!!! killing itself.. The human race is not even capable of keeping it's own species alive... let alone this planet ! So think about that folks :-)

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