Oh my god... Ever seen ( in our case pretty small !! ) Burmese males fight over a female... Well, I did.. In a very dangerous ( or was it stupid ? ) but controlled enviroment, we decided to see what happened, if 1 suspected male in breeding mode, was introduced to a true male, also in breeding mode... There were some doubts on the sexe of Deana, and this is also a natural way to see what they are.  IF !! she was a female, she will cuddle up next to morrison, who then tries to mate... if she prooves a male, she will fight with morrison, cause the ferromones of the female are still in the air... And only the strong ones mate.. Now there's a challange !!

aaahhh,,, can I , can I can I ... pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaseeee ?????

The following procedure is NOT !!! recomended at all, cause you simply can loose a snake, when the fight get's out of hand.. But we decided to do this :

A : cause I do not like something stuck inside my snake just to sexe it !!!

B : It's a very rear glimps on the "real wild" behavioer of the Burmese.. Instinct takes over 100 %

As you can imagine, we removed the female prior to this experiment, cause the snakes will fight more intense, when a female is in the same area. We do not wanna see any blood, cause they can become very nippy to eachother. When there's no female, it usually stays at a : push the snake away, and supress it, kinda tactics :P


Morrison, male, CB 2001 The Netherlands... length, weight : 215cm - 5.8 Kg

Deana, sexe unknown, CB 1998 The Netherlands... length, weight : 355 cm - 26 Kg

Bothe snakes are in breeding mode, and reacted well to the females in here... that was stage one.. now to make sure it are indeed males, we removed melanie from the cage, and returned Morrison ...

 At first the 2 snakes do not seem to notice eachother, and Morrison scouts out the new place.. Nothing at hand.. But Deana in the corner, is looking eagerly to morrisons moves..  And at that moment they met eachother... This is where instinct takes over. You could almost hear it click.... We thought that they would fight all along...And that's just what happened... Morrison the true male, was directly on top of Deana ( suspected one ) and started to trough his body against hers.. They both erected about  3 to 4 feet !!!, and entwined in eachother, starting to push and pull.. At well over 3 meters on one snake, and 2 on the other ( total 5 meters or 15 feet) it looks very, very bizar..  At this stage, no matter how tame your snakes are, thick gloves, long sticks, some good friends and a lotta common sense is needed to make sure no snake gets a bite... or you for that matter !!. On the other hand, it's a rear glimps in the "real world" on how snakes live..  But after about 4 minutes of severe hissing, thomping and surpressing, Morrison was seperated from Deana, cause we knew for sure now... There both male... These fights in nature, can cause a snake severe damage and can go on for hours., but thank god in here, it was just a simple !!! show off, between these 2 males, letting us know, without ! the other methods, what the sexe's are !..



We are lucky that both snakes were seperated before any actual harm was done to one of them. Other than a dented Image, Morrison is OK, and Deana looks ever so male :D