First of all, they will all be registered, something that I think needs to be done..

second I have an insurance with theft. The chip is registered to me, and no one else... EG : If the snakes would be stolen, ( can imagine with Sunshine, she's rear Albino ! ) the chip will reveal that I am the rightful owner, so whatever happens.... they will return to me...

The procedure is very simple.., with a hollow needle there will be a chip implanted somewhere in the muscle of my snake, ( hard to find on a 4 meter girl :-))) witch is the size of this : -- ( a rice grain ) That chip holds a number that is linked to me, so when scanned they will know who the snake belongs to.

CB stands for captive bred,  that means no wild caught snakes are involved ( with pythons that usually means Cites A ( P. molurus molurus or the Pimbura ) and or Cites B ( P. molurus bivittatus  ) That's why I do not need to have a Cites number for Melanie and Morrison. However, imported pythons ( like Sunshine ) have, although it is CB,  a law on import and export and so, she is a Cites B ( endangered ) animal, with her own number... Registrating them as soon as you get them...,  I think, it's a MUST TO DO !!!!!

Sunshine Cites B  importation number ( as on breed certificate ) : 23105 ( Czech. republic )