It's not like I went to Harvard, and did this all by myself, so here's the place I salute those people who, in my opinion, always put an endless effort in making it all work here, and or make me work ( again ) ... to them I BOW, and say 

( in total RANDOM ORDER ) :

LAST UPDATE : 09-12-2002




IEDEREEN DIE ME HELPT HANTEREN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pebbles, for giving me two of her best snake kids... Unfortunately she died 02-11-2002 ( ... ) 

ALSO SPEC. THNX to : Linda , voor het helpen met lesgeven aan de voltallige vrijwillige brandweer Hellevoetsluis, en hun voor de aandacht, inzet en moed die ze tonen... en das niet alleen met t redden van slangen !! :-)

Stichting Serpo, met in t byzonder Marjan Kick... Dank voor alle goede en vooral bruikbare adviezen die ik heb mogen ontvangen tijdens de longontsteking van Morrison... Ik moet er niet aan denken dat....

My vet, Doctor De Jong... for his time and effort

The guys who voted on me for the Golden Web Award 2002/2003 !!

B.L for quitting just about everything unhealthy !!! WAY TO GO GIRL !!

YONINA.... For her ever so spotless work in my breedery and more.... THANKS YO !!

Noorje..., just 4 being you !!!!!!!!! Regards Girl !! ( xxx whenrever ya .. )

Kees, my ( ever so kewl 0 ) next door neighbor, for the awesome pictures of my snakes :-) Be sure to checkout the gallery, that's all his work...

Wouter, for lending his wife, for my dirty work :-) THNX M8E, AND for driving Sunny to her new place :-)

My mother, for still coping with me, and all those gallons of nice, decaf coffee !!! Thanks mum :-)

Vincent, Leon, Michael, Ferry, and Felix for still daring to come close to my snakes :+))

The guys who take all leftovers in my breedery ;-)

The guys at Chello broadband internet ! for the awesome speed o updates :-))

Petcare Petstore, for always taking my surplus of animals, who stay alive for the kids :-) Thanks girls... :-)

the guy who invented the internet

Saskia, for giving up a lot, to get only the best !!

My brother Louis, for pushingk me to do this...Without his knowledge of HTML, me, and something furry called an Amiga !! I would have never done this..

BiBi, for making me feel relaxed enough to build Mormel......where does time go, when I am there...,

Eelco, for always giving inspiration when I most need it !!!!!!!! ( ............... )

DJ 100 % ISIS, for visiting tha Dome, !!! Thank You !! If only she could play here someday....:-)

The crew from MarcintheDark, Radio 538 !!!!! just for hitting me !

Computertotaal also just for looking at the Dome...

Cruisin4abrusing, ( Yahoo chat ) for helping out a total stranger !!!

HANS T.L.R For giving the BEST !! guestbookcomment on me, and this place ! Yeah, that's the way ! Thanks Hans !-)

Danny, for sending me something special in a zip !!!!!!!, THNKS dude, also for Dreamweaver... it whales!

my computer, for only crashing 87935987465981765817367 times before this page was written, and for also not understanding html from HTML..

Leana, for having the guts to go nuts, and actually call me up... WAY TO GO GIRL !!! Yeah, that's the spirit....:-)

Karin J. for still mailing me, even if I don't mail back for quit some time, due to 100000000000000 reasons, I know are not good enough !!!!! She's the most wonderful babe around !! XXX to her, love ya.. !!!!!

Paul and Pauline, for rating me just the way I am !! ( but keep that van Gils dude outtahere, we like the FA freshness... )

Wappy64, for beta-testing this site.., if he wasn't there, The Dome would be a great pile of ....|-)

Yeah, and all those people, I visited on the World Wide Wait, to ripp kewl gifs and other webpage related gizmo's from, mail me if you want a link in my links or fun page.

The guy who invented the WWW !

And at last : myself ( ........ ) for putting in xxx hours of painstaking web programming ( read : laughing my ass off on the web !!)



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hmmmm, this is the bottom... what are YOU doing here ??