I am no vet, ( yet !! ) all info on disease found on my page is out of MY OWN experience. Thus I cannot !! stand for YOUR pet getting ill, or worse.... I am not responsible for actions taken by a stranger, on comments of this site !!

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I DO NOT promote snakes, certainly not Burmese....... I only give info to those who have already a burm. Personally I think they should all be set free !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All animals I feed to my snakes are bred by me, thus meaning that prey items ( rats, rabbits ) have a great life, in a septic big cage, until the day comes... 


I am totally, completely against inbred !!!

All snakes on the pics are mine, unless otherwise noted, MOST PICTURES ARE MADE BY CEES.... So ask him permission for any ( hard ) copies.

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