FEED ME !!!!

Melanie :   GRAVID !!!

Morrison :  1 M rat at 15-12-2004

Sunshine : 1 M and 4 small rats at : 15-12-2004

Samson : 4 m rat at 15-12-2004

Akyra :

Allison :


Feeding an adult python is not something to do when you just came out of bed.. or when drunk..Imagine an animal that has the strength to crush a barrel like a toothpick ! So please keep in mind that we NEVER !!! feed our snakes alone.  There is almost no risk in keeping a giant snake like the burmese python, but animals like this are somewhat tricky when it comes to feeding them !

See the "care sheet" link in the top frame for some of the info you need to safely feed your burmese..