As a python goes through the various stages of growing up, The foods they consume differ depending on size, content and smell...  Let us take a strawl down pythonian lane, from hatchling to adult feedings... 

It has been written all over that the prey you feed them on, is just as big as the thickest part of your snake. That goes for me also.. I tend to feed them like that as much as possible. Some people inject prey with vitamins...., I breed my own prey, and feed them plenty of nutrients, so my snakes do not need an injected prey !!!!!! I do not approve, unless the prey is humanly killed before the shot, and it is in the good of the snakes health ! SO if the snake lacks nutrient.... well....maybe, if not...NOT !!!!

Also there's a thing on feeding live prey... cause they actually FIGHT for life... ! I would also.. and there is the possibility that the prey hurts, bites or worse... kills your snake.. There's a story bout a 4 meter albino python, killed by a live rabbit... So think what and how you feed... I always feed live prey, and there's been no problem whatsoever... but I take a risk... would you ??


( I divided this area up into 4 stages of growth... )

1 ) juvenile stage 1 ( birth to 5 months or so )

As the pythons hatch, they are miniature replica's of there parents. The first days after hatching the snakes will digest what's left in there stomach from the yoke sack, and after a few days will start to mold there skin for the first time. After the first mold, juvenile mice ( even  Jung adult mice ) can be fed, and since my pythons were somewhere between 50 - 60 cm long at birth the breeder did so. Once a week, until they were about 80 cm tall at around 5 months..

2 ) Juvenile stage 2 ( from 5 to about 12 months or so )

The second prey I feed them on, is rats. Juveniles to start off with, ending with 1 large rat every 2 weeks, until they reach 160 - 180 cm ( around 1 year ). at that time they will have 2 rats, or a very small rabbit each every 2 - 3 weeks.

** From here on down.... WATCH OUT DURING FEEDING !!! avoid SFE's !! **

3 ) Juvenile stage 3 : ( 12 - 24 months ) 

As the pythons grow to maturity, so will the amount and variety of food. Medium rabbits, large adult ( male ) rats, and an optional cavia or guinnypig. I refuse to feed chickens, due to Salmonella !!!!!!

4 ) last juvenile stage : ( 24 - 36 months )

At 3 years, or around 3 meters, the male is in my opinion  matured... At that time, I'll feed him 1 huge rabbit, every 2 weeks. The female, eventually reaching over 4 ( 5 and even 6  ) meters, has the same feed, but 2. It goes for both that handling becomes something to do with some STRONG friends within earshot away, just in case... but since my pythons had a great childhood, I am almost sure they will remain as they ALL are.... gentle giants !!...