On this page will be all the details of my own 4 pythons, as they grow. Please be patient as these pages grow by the years :-) Highlights are marked besides the months and linked to separate pages,  if needed.

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1st month ( born in May. mel and mor. are at breeder's house )

2nd month ( bought tamed at 6 weeks at 22-06-2001 )

3rd month

4th month

5th month

6th month ( both there first adult rat )

7th month

8th month

9th month : ( morrison pneumonia ) details at the disease page

10th month

11th month ( both their first rabbit )

12th month ( happy B day mel and mor !!! -)

13th month

14th month

15th month 

( 10-08-2002 Melanie has an albino friend, Sunshine )

 ( 27-08-2002 Sunshine entered the snake pit :-) welcome girl.... ( added to the stock at 20-09 )

16th month 

( entering the first wintertime cycle ) and a second friend for Melanie, called Allison Amanda will enter soon...

17th month 

Sadly 02-11-2002 Pebbles died...

First SFE with Melanie and hopefully the last !!!

AND ALSO : FIRST EVER TOGETHER !!! With Melanie, Sunshine and Morrison !!!

18th month : 

Morrison stressed  

  Morrison Infection...  ( started 05-12-2002 )

Amanda is added ... at 20-12-2002

19th month : 

all 4 of them in Mor's habitat.. 

20th month :

21st month

22th month

23rd month


25th month ( SUNNY !!!!!!!!!!!! CONGRETS ON YA 1st YEAR )

26th month

27th month : it's gonna take a month or so, but Deana is added to the stock, to see if morrison is upto any filthy stuff.. !! ( 26-08-2003 : DEANA ADDED IN QT )

28th month : 05-09-2002 at 01:40 : today is memorable... Finally after 300 hours of painstakin' programmin', the first upload is completed at a total of 74 !! pages, 

*** 1 year online...current page count at 110...***

29th month ; Finishing the new enclosure of the females.. worked 1 year on it..

30th month ( morrison sick again, see disease area )

31th month : Melanie is mating

32th month Melanie gravid ( happy new year )

33rd month : New glass tank arrives, 240 x 120 x 100 cm and Mel drops 20 eggs :P

34th month : Let's get breeding here