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a true captured story by Gijs  van Waversveld

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All animals need a place to retreat, in the safety of their own imagination... And you as a reptilian must provide such a place :-) I am NOT a pro, on letting Bunny, the 8 year old, 100 pound female burm, out in the room  where you live.  Cause I think she will get territorial in a matter of years... I am also not a pro on housing huge pythons in a cage, just big enough to close it when there in... But is there a middle way then ?? Well yeah..


Well, that depends on what size :-))) When it comes to terrarium size, and large snakes, you can imagine that a 10 foot python, likes to move freely, and not be cramped into a small tank, only stretching when handeld. On the other side the 17 feet long female will seldom lay out in a straight line...As I got more info on tanksizes, I found out that there are certain things that you might take into mind, when building your cage, since there are some things with pythons that need to be done SAFELY , and,  in a small cage, there's no room to manouvre, whilst in a room filled cage, the snakes CAN be territorial. So there has to be a middle way, upthat the snakes have room, and it's safe to handle them... It has been written that a good terrarium size is something like this : if you take a diagonal size of the enclosure, that is minimally 0.7 x the length of the ( matured !!) snake, you should be OK.