25-12-2002 : MERRY X MAS ALL !!! : Updates in the disease area, my snakes..

21-12-2002 : Minty slid into the main enclosure at 1400 on 20-12-2002

18-12-2002 : Disease updates.. my snakes.. 

16-12-2002 ; Another day, another update :-) We will be working on the links dept, but firstly Morrison will need some more care :-) so check the disease area. And Amanda is making her appearance in here this week, sow check the "my snake " area for updates on that :-)

14-12-2002 : Heya all, another disease update.. last day of the Bytril cure... that's all 4 now...

12-12-2002 : Disease area.. still in cure..

10-12-2002 : Disease area..

08-12-2002 : Disease page update... and Zoe update, on the my snake pages..

06-12-2002 : Samo Samo... Disease section, and a new page there also.., WALL OF FAME !!!, on page 2 in tha top frame.. 

05-12-2002 :  Morrison update in the disease area... and not a good one, I might add.. Also some notes in the Rattery and Credits page... Look yourselves up there :-)

01-12-2002 ;  Last month of the year... A hell of a lot happened this year, and I'll be glad it's over... I am getting into a great new year !!!! Anyways, I am thinking of a mate for Morrison ( my wild phase male ) and saw a great looking pattern less albino male... looks almost snow !!! Hmmm, makes me think... Updates on Morrison's condition are in the proper sections, there's an update in the feeding area... some notes in the rattery, and that's all 4 now folks :-)

25-11-2002 : Severe link addition, expect a link refinery asap, for now the new ones are on the main links page :-)

24-11-2002 : New guest book, some better html here and there, and a huge hangover from last night !!!

23-11-2002 : Links update ( SORRY TERRY !!! ) and some stuff added / modified all over... Thanks for voting me on top 300 !!!!! Enjoy tha stay !!

21-11-2002 : Updated are : Text added in the gallery, more on Morrison's condition, in the disease page, and some links are added, on the Links page :-))

19-11-2002 : Linda is added to the Gallery, and looks great with Melanie, in the new enclosure, take a look 4 yourself.. She is handler no 1 here :-)))))) And there's a bad upload in the disease pages ;-((

13-11-2002 : ( and actually 12-11 also :-) More links, More enclosure updates.. a new webring !! and I personally found out that there are women out there that do get the picture !!! If I now only had the guts...

11-11-2002 : Updates in the disease area !!

10-11-2002 : 2 years ago...... ( ... ) Updates all over, will be a few days before I get back so...

08-11-2002 : The last couple of days were pretty tense, since ALL the snakes  were put together for the first time... Read all about it on the my snakes pages :-)

06-11-2002 : THANKS !!! for all the mail we are getting regarding Pebbles, it is utmost appreciated !

04-11-2002 : Pebbles, the mother of my snakes, and a special friend of my..., sadly died at 02-11-2002.... She was 9 years of age... May god have mercy on her soul. All updates are halted u.f.n....

03-11-2002 : Link page update.... one of the best links added so far, be sure to checkout Nigel's page !!!