This is the place where I have put my personal favorite links..

Cyberlizard has a GREAT info page, on all sorts of reptiles...

A great site by Dave, it is one of the biggest and best in the UK !!

Reptielen pagina Nederland

  Nigel has pics of burms, great burms, awesome burms and much more !! A favorite !!

Bob Clark... GEAT PAGE !!!! Great background info on all sorts of pythons

Double D reptiles... they have it all, incl great care sheets..

Alphonzo's repfun  Erg mooie en goede site.. Het beste forum voor slangen :-)

VPI by Dave and Tracy Barker... all sorts of great things in here 0-) 

The Herpindex !! Ron holds all the info you can compute !! A must see...  The best pics on great snakes... Thanks to Terry

Squeeze me constrictors.... I wonder...