Nigel has pics of burms, great burms, awesome burms and much more !! A favorite !!

The animal Pictures arcives... some very good looking pics of albino burms here ...

More Burm pics here

Burmese Python - "Baby" is certified by the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest snake ever held in captivity. Her 403 pound, 26'5" figure swells to about 450 pounds after meals. Baby's record setting weigh-in was featured on "Guinness World Records," broadcast on the Fox Network. Baby may be visited at the Serpent Safari, an indoor reptile zoo located at Gurnee Mills Mall located in Gurnee, Illinois.

Now have you ever.... ??? a huge python

Not actually Burmese pythons, but did you EVER saw such great Piebald pythons ??

Slangen 4 ever, a Dutch site has some good pics


Why not to buy a burm :-) PYTHON and see how she grows :_)

A great site on pictures of heads and teeth of a Burmese : The PhotoVault