When growing up with 4 large constrictors, usually 1 of them tends to be in molting, That means that the old skin is shedded from the body of the snake, meaning that it has grown a bit. When the ( large ) snake is in prime condition, the old skin will come off in 1 neat piece. I had the unfortunate case that my snake molted very badly the last time, and double checking all, I think I know what went wrong ( what I did wrong )... So below is a recap, on what I did wrong, and made me almost peel off the skin, scale by scale :-(


Snake : Melanie, 265 cm, 16 Kg, and 1.9 year old.

Molting was in the usual stages, and after her eyes cleared up, I knew it was just 48 hours or so. At that time the humidity was around 70 %. Next evening I saw she was getting herself ready, and she went under the ceramic heating lamp, to warm herself up for the coming molt. At that time, me the enthusiast, sprayed her with water, to easy the skin a little... sometimes I bath her, but it seemed that that was not needed at the time, she looked ever so ready..

As she warmed under the lamp, the water I sprayed, made the old skin, stick pretty firmly on the new one... When she started to scratch, only her head came out OK, but her body was awful... The skin did not glide off at all, and it crackled into iu764587654u6534u6543754375437543 nice small bits...:-((( At that time, I called help ( she's getting bigger ) and we gave her a bath in warm water, for some 20 minutes.. When she came out, I let her crawl trough a towel, and all the remaining skin came off OK. I made very VERY sure there were no remaining bits and pieces that could inflict all sorts of ugly things on my snake. Especially on the cloaca and head area.  Darn, I hate that... usually shedding is no problem, and I have full skins to prove that :-) but the water was not good to do, in her final warming up moments... a bath is much better, IF !! you want to help her ease the load :-) Think about it... they need the humidity, but please be careful on spraying directly on a snake, that is under a spot.