After taking all the possible risks and regulations into consideration, and after a half year of preparation, my  first 2 snakes finally were there... By the time I bought them, they were already tamed, so handling was quit simple and easy, right from the start. Since I had a full glass tank of 250 x 60 x 60 cm in my living room, I initially put them both there, to see how they would do the first time. I had a brother and a sister snake, and named them after my 2 idols, Melanie and James Douglas Morrison. From day 1 they were having a blast in their new tank, and after 24 hours settlement, I fed them their first mice ever, at : 23-06-2001. They new what they were doing !! At 27-06 I had to bath them, treating some minor mites... ( READ THE DISEASE SECTION ) and at 03-07 I suspected Morrison's first mold... A few days later Melanie followed, resulting in Morrison at 10 and Melanie at 11-07 having their first mold ever in my home :-)