Morrison has an infection !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Last upload : 22-01-2003 at 1930

 ( NOTE : at the time of the first signs of this illness, Morrison was 3.8 Kg, at 200 cm of length. All calculations for antibiotics are based on his weight and circumstances at that time... Last feed was 06-11-2002, regurgetated it at 11-11-2002. Offered rat at 03-12-2002 but refused. )


Yesterday morning, 05-12-2002 at aprox. 10:15

Morrison went into QT with what looks, sounds and feels like an infection at the upper part of the lung area. It has swolen more in the last days, and now he really got me worried. THANK GOD, Patrick came by 2day, ( 06-12-2002 ) and  we decided to have him on a 8 day cure of 0.4 ml BYTRIL. Starting this evening at 2300, ending at 13-12-2002. At 16-12 I'll see if he wants some food...More info will follow, but I do need some sleep...

Possible cause is the rat he regurgetated, at 11-11-2002 ( see "morrison stressed" ) witch could have ! inflicted a wound inside him ( upper part of the body, at the base of the neck.. )... witch now is infected... for what reason ever...

QT specs are :

Tank Size : 160*50*50*1.0 cm ( l x w x h x t )

one 250 W Ceramic heating element ( 24/7 )

one 80 W and a 60 W spotlight ( 12/12 )

It's a bare tank, with a 15 liter bath. 1/3 dry, 2/3 is moist

temperature day min/max = 35 - 45+ C ( under the spots )

Temperature night min/max = 30 - 34 C

Humidity = 70/90 % avrg.

Updated 09-12-2002 : at 02:00

Day 3 into the cure of Bytril. ( cure takes 8 Sub Cutane Injections of 0.4 ml Bytril ) I am trying to see signs of improvement, but I cannot actually make out if the swolen area is getting thinner. Morrison tends to stay in 1 place, cause the area witch is swolen, is sensitive at touch, thus also when he moves. Breathing seems to have improved a bit, since the infection is in the upper part of the body, he had some troubles there. scales are fine, eyes are fine, mouth looks OK, but snake is weak at handling, and the snake has a generally loss of interest. It looks like the lower part of the body looks a bit fermer, than the last few days. By the looks of it, you grant him healthy, when he is coiled up :-) But looks are deciving :-X

Updated 10-12-2002 : at 02:00

Improvements a little today... He looks a little less "flat" on his rear end, and that's a first. Breathing is still not what it used to be, still a bit heavy...But when handled fot his injection, he feels weak.. Let's hope that tomorrow we can see some decrease in swelling... That really will make me happy !! Mouth, nose, cloaca, scales ect. are OK.

Updated 12-12-2002 : at 01:00

Well 2 injections to go.. Seems like he is getting hungery, witch is a good sign... always is :-) Swelling is still there, but a decrease was noted.... tiny but there's one... we guess.. In 4 days there will be an attempt on feeding him... A first since the rat he ate at 06-11-2002... and only a small prey due to the place where the swelling is... And only if this keeps going the good way... but handling him took 3 men 2day, so he still has strength left :-) Thanks again to Alex and Ruud, my ever so helpful handlers.. Yes, I think there's some progress coming... looks also a little less flattned, also something that got me worried... and there's a general firmness over him... missed that for the last days... Guess the first shots are kicking in...

Updated 14-12-2002 : at 01:00

Treatment is finished, had his last shot at 2300... So it's upto him now... Hope he will be ok soon... but it might take some weeks more. Mouth looks OK, nice pink, all clean.. scales are OK, nice and shiny, ventral scales are also.. he's getting hungry... but feels weak at handling still.. The lumb is getting no change, but body feels firmer, and healthier. We'll feed him some small mice in 3 days... see if it goes down :-) And to get things started inside again.. When all is getting better, he will return somewhere around the 20 of Januari to the rest of the litter :-)

Updated 16-12-2002 : at 10:00

Today he will have his first feed, if he wants some, but I think he will :-) It will be mice, pre killed, just to start metabolism up, in him. So that will be a hairy thing... Hopes are he will be returned into the main enclosure at 20-01-2003. Mouth looks OK, nice pink, all clean.. scales are OK, nice and shiny, ventral scales are also.. The swolen area is still there, but it looks like it's getting smaller... let's hope so..


Updated 18-12-2002 : at 01:00

Hmmm... He is going into a shed soon... Have to figure out if that is good, or bad now... If he has a respitory problem ( It could still be ) the skin inside the nose, will block the passage even more.. so I severly hope that goes OK. For the rest it still looks like a healthy snake, except for the swelling... and the handling... well he still feels very weak..


Updated 25-12-2002 : at 11:00

He ate a juvie rat yesteerday, but had lots of trouble swallowing it... as it passed the upper lung part, he hissed like hell, and twitched.. like it hurts... like hell !!! That's not good, and I tend to QT him, for another month atleast. At 23-12 he gave up some slime, clear and some wittish blob... Hope that was all... For the rest he looks OK, scales are ok, nose clean, mouth pink and clean... except that awefull lump on his back...


Updated 01-01-2003 : at 11:00

He has an appetite, is getting ready to molt, and still is a little thick at the lungs... but he's looking up a bit...


Updated 10-01-2003 : at 11:00

Well, things are finally looking upwards here ;-) halfway up the molt, and the lumb is taking lesser proportions..thank goodness :-)

13-01-2003 :

 lumb almost gone, molted last night :-)

15-01-2003 :

Well, looks can be diseaving but he looks a lot better every day.. he's only hissing a lot, meaning he does have some air problems.. have to keep a close eye on that :-) For the rest he's ok..

22-01-2003 :

Morrison is in my humble opinion CURED !!!!!! He has lost the lumb, and returned to his little old self again :-) THANK YOU GOD !! He ate a nice rat yesterday, and all things are normalised again...