Can ya all make something outta it ??

please let me explain : you see 3 sides of the tank. the front, left and looking from above side..

If you look at the above drawing, you have :

A : Floor heatingmat, lxw = 120x40cm

B : water tank, 70 liters, aerated, rock faced waterfall 30cm.

D : 120 W daylight UV A/B bulb, placed above rock face

F : 120x80x20 cm ( lxwxd ) deep sun area, with cave

C : 120 W daylight heat bulb

K : log for pillar

E : elevated resting place

H : timers, nightlight, cables and ventilation channels

G : access panel left side, water changing, floor heating timer ect...


That will keep Morrison the stallion happy, for the rest of his life !!  Hopefully another 30 years or so !!