Last Upload : 26-11-2003

Finally there has been a microgood :D addition to my medical supply kit :P A needed one... I finally got the nerve to buy a very good ( computer camera attachted ) microscope.. The specs :

Biolux (R) optical / digital microscope with camera

SER : 0128434

MAG : 40-64-100-160-256-400-640-1024 x ( camera limited to 640 x )

That means that I can finally photograph  AND !! videotape :P all kinds of parasites, nematodes or other buggers that might infest my snakes..  And videoconference with LIVE images with my vet :P As of now, I am testing it all, and am already very pleased with the results... I just started testing it on a leg of a housefly, and look at the pics below to see what the results were :D ... quality will improve, but for now, I uploaded the pictures in low resolution to save HD space. Also I would like you to visit this link..:

EVERYTHING ON INTERNAL AND EXTERNAL PARASITES !!!!! A must to see if you are really interested at those small critters. I use that page as reference material, and consult my vet, so be on the safe side of things You really do not wanna jump to conclusions here..

MAG 40 x the knee of the housefly

MAG 256 x below: we get closer and closer

MAG : 640 x :( below ) There still is an awesome detail on this leg... Bacteria are also visible on this mag.

This is as far as the pictures go. But magnified at 640 x most critters are clearly visible. If there's any doubt, I'll consult my vet, or let him look via the videomode, directly into my microscope. And if I switch optics, I can set it at 1024 x.  As stated above, I am verrie!!! pleased with the results, and hope that my general knowledge will improve with this microscope.