LAST UPDATED : 19-10-2002


As the webmaster of this homepage, I'll try my best to make this page suitable for all ages. In text, picture, and in content, I'll do my best not to harm anyone, in any way. HOWEVER, dealing with ( giant ) pet snakes, I cannot go past the fact that they are fed animals, witch are usually also pets !! for children. I am talking about mice, rats and rabbits ect. As you can imagine that's not a pleasant thought for them, reading about the fact that my snake just lunched on a bunny now is it !! I like to press the fact that ALL the animals fed to my snakes, come directly from MY OWN breedery, so no harm is done to petstore pets ! I breed mice, rats and rabbits for my snakes, in my own home.

But explaining the go abouts of snakes, will eventually result in some ( might be )harmful language, witch could harm smaller kids. AND I DON'T WANT THAT !! So every bit that might be harmful will have this text before you enter the page...  :


I will keep it in the hands of whoever visits, to read on or not, ( = to have some common sense ) after such a message... But again, I'll do my up most best to keep it strictly informative, so everybody has a change to study on these great reptiles...


signed by Gijs van Waversveld, Webmaster Mormel ltd. ... 30-04-2002