Morrison at 6.5 kilo, 220 cm and 2 and a half years. Again at the moment he was getting ready to molt...


There will be a very deep investigation, on what it is that makes Morrison sick, all these times. As the results get back, we will know what causes this strange defect.

Pnumonia... again ?????????????????

Well actually it's a severe cold or something like that.

Anyway, we started logging a couple of weeks ago, and due to the fact that we had no time to update, here's the shortened recap, we will update and expand.... :

10-10-2003 :

For a few days now,  he is a bit hissy, and from there on, we keep him in closer observation... He's still in his wintertank, away from the females.

11-10-2003 :

we saw some slime coming outof his nose, decided to Quarantine him.

QT at 32 °C and 70% RH.

Coughing intensefied, most likely by the increased humidity..., that makes the slimy stuff loose... so we made sure that the humidity in his tank was in the high 70's. Also I personally checked the usual : On the microscope I saw no flagglates, amoebae or worms in his feces, urate nor his secreted slime. His cloaca is clean and closed, no visible or feelable bumps there ( could be amoebea ). No discoloration of the scales, besides the fact that he is in molting. Eyes are ok, but inside his mouth there is a buildup of slime, and the normal pinkish color of the inside is now a pale white... Increased heavy breathing, with a hissing sound.

Diagnosis : A good cold - pnumonia... ( again )

11-10-2003 :

Coughing more and more, there is a slime buildup around his mouth. And he spits small blobs of clear or light greenish slime out. And that's a good sign. That way he is cleaning out his inside. Too bad that the molt is due... Cause his nose holes get smaller and smaller...

14-10-2003 :

Echinaforce was given to him, in a 0.2 ml EF to 0.8 ml Water solution. repeated it at 16 and 18-10. It was given orally

18-10-2003 :

Molting is halfway up the process. Nose is almost permanently covered with a small ammount of slime.

22-10-2003 :

After concideration with several people, we added some more temperature and humidity to the tank. It helps him breath better. temp at 35 °C and hum at 80 %

23-10-2003 :

force molted the head, let him do the rest of the body. Looks and sounds better.

24-10-2003 :

Gave him 1 vitamin boost injection ( SCI ) at 08:45

Gave him a double dose of 2.4 ml ( 2.5 % sol ) Bytril at 08:50, also SC. I need to give him 4 more of 1.2 ml.

25-10-2003 :

Gave him his second shot.. He is a bit more awake :P and he only coughs and hisses when handled. He has some minor slime on the place where his tongue comes out, and at deeper breathing, some is barely visible at the nose. Inside of the mouth is still pale. He did a big !! Poo, and that looked, smelled and tested fine...

26-10-2003 :

Third shot is in. We try to maintain a regular 24 hours between shots, and also we switch from sides. Thatway Necrose has no change. He lookes and sounds a bit better, I guess the vitamins are kicking in... Too soon for the Bytril in my opinion... That will take another day or 2....

28-10-2003 : Just gave him his 4th shot... it seems to hurt him more, then the last cure he had injected. ( 2002 ) Perhaps itīs the ammount of Bytril going in. last time ( as I recall ) we injected him with 0.5 ml ( at 2.5 % sol ) per shot, and this time itīs 1.2 ml.... thatīs more than double...

31-10-2003 ; Bytril is in, and Mister Morrie looks a lot better :-) Guess he'll be up and running in a week or 2.


04-11-2003 : ate 4 medium to small rats 2day. Didn't loose his appetite :-) Inside of the mouth looks fine.