A lot of people that visit our snakpit, seem to notice specific behaviour in our snakes. As with all living things, burmese have also a kinda body language that can help us "read" these snakes a bit better. Like the puppie dog, begging for a snack... but than slightly different :-)

Stated below are the things WE see them do over and over, with the reason why, below it. These are  OUR OWN !!  hypothesis on OUR snakes having this behaviour, and what WE think makes them do it.

As you can imagine, all additions are more than welcome !!! MAIL US !!!

Heads up :

alert and awake, with the head on a 45 degree angle ( sometimes straight up ) the snake is censing that there is prey somewhere..Burms that are hungry will often look like that.. There is a pic in the gallery of melanie, that looks exactly like stated above... be ware, this is a sign of hunger !! when you do nothing they will crawl up your vertical surfaces :P.... I start feeding when this behaviour starts.

hissing :

 A sign of irritation. or just heavy breathing. As burms get older they can start to whistle when they breath... normal for them, but it sounds kinda funny. When a burm is hissing severe when it's handled... be ware, it's a sign of discomfort.

freezing :

We do not actually know why, but think it's a reflex of the snake when it thinks it smells food but is not sure.. The snake stalls, and can remain in the position it's in for quit some time.. Not even a flicker of it's tongue is seen...Really "frozen" in place. Usually it also comes with a "heads up" so that's why we think they seem to smell food.. Carefull as ever, we do not go near a frozen snake..

erecting :

 When really upright, the snake wants dinner :P Look at the pic to see why we have thick glass windows :P:P:P

Ball burmese :

A nick we gave when a snake is perfectly in a circle resting... Look in the gallery at Morrisons pics... He's a Ball Burmees !! It's a sign of good comfort in a snake..

Striking :

What we never want a full blown Burmees to do at us... When fed these snakes drive on PURE INSTINCT !! and thus will hit ANYTHING !! that looks, moves or smells like food. When handled in a wrong way, or at the wrong time, they also can be nippy. Usually snakes rest in a position that enables them to strike !! if needed. The longer the snake, the longer the range of the attack. A full grown burm can get as far as 1.5 to 2 meters strike range.... that's 6 feet...think about it..