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It happens to the best, a snake that refuses food in every way, shape or size... Some species are known to stop ( sometimes for months ) eating, like the ball python, but there comes a time that...

If your snake has to be forced to eat... and/or all else fails ( see the checklist ! ) I'll do my best to write down my experience and when followed with some common sense,. you will have your snake back up and OK in no time.. It has worked for my pets and does not seem to harm the snakes any more than needed ( let's set straight that no animal wants to have lunch stuffed through it's throat !! ) And there are some things to take into consideration..

things needed ( in my case it was for an elaphe guttata guttata, about 90 cm, eating a mouse )




1 egg, raw and mixed in a small bowl

1 prey ( not bigger that 3/4ts diameter of your snake at roughly 3/5ths  of it's body ) ( a bit behind the neck)  The prey can be quickly and humanely killed and wiggled trough the egg to make it go down better...

a towel big enough to wrap the snake in preventing it from moving too much..

a good friend ( or 2, 3, 4, 5 !! ) to help at bigger snakes...

Ok, so you now wrap the snake in the towel, and hold it with one hand just behind the jaws(*2). meanwhile holding, and supporting the body with the other.. let a friend carefully place a small wooden pencil at the opening of the mouth where the tongue comes out (*3). If you hold it there, eventually the snake will open it's mouth a little. At that time carefully place the pencil at the back of the mouth forcing it to open a bit more, and stay that way (*4).  The prey can then be slowly introduced into the big hole in the center of the snakes mouth... NOT the small air hole in the front !! (*5). Take close care here...  As the head is in, slowly allow the snake to swallow, unhinge his jaws and at every pause, insert the prey a little further.. Keep doing so, and if the prey is almost in, massage it further until it has entered the gut (*6) at 3/5th of the snakes body... ( usually it goes down from here by itself..) Slowly place the snake back into the terrarium, and hopefully it will not through up.. usually not, in my case...  Wait at least 7 days before repeating this... cause it has an impact on your snake...It took me once 3 months with Zoe ( my corn snake ) before he ate normal again, so...