31-10 / 01-11-2002 : Updates in the SFE page, some text updates, and more pictures on the new enclosure :0-)

29-30-10-2002 : SFE page online !!! Also some textual updates all over :-)

27-10-2002 : better!! pictures update !!!! Thanks to Cees, my ever so kewl neighbor.  Hit the gallery's newest, and see also page 2 on the new enclosure picture update.!!! Might as well check the new pics in the rattery...

26-10-2002 : Huge cam pics update ( new enclosure update ), added my latest python ?? to the my snakes pages, and updated everything else in here :-) Have a good weekend folks :-) Links page is also back from nowhere, and fully accessible !!

24-10-2002 : Another day, another ( backstage ) upload...Various things added here and there...

22-10-2002 : Have our own buttons now :-) still uploading though !

21-10-2002 : A MEMORABLE DAY HERE !!!!!!!

+++ UPDATES in the gallery, feeding pages and some more +++

 As I got home today, and opened my @mailbox.... my heart stopped for a few secs.... the results from the Golden Web Awards were in... Take a look at part of the mail I got : 

Official Results for Mormel ltd. Regarding the "2002-2003 Golden Web Awards"

Whether you have won the 2002-2003 Golden Web Award, or you were not yet chosen to win the award, we would like to thank you for taking the time to submit your website for review.

All web sites are voted on by the Association members. 

- All I.A.W.M.D. decisions are FINAL -

{ X } Congratulations! Mormel ltd. has been reviewed and chosen to bear the 2002-2003 Golden Web Award.


YEAH !!  28-04-2002 the first few words on Mormel were written offline, and now, a mere 6 months further up, I already got one of the best awards ever...... THANKS FOR VOTING PEOPLE !!!!!!!!! 

20-10-2002 : Oeps, I did it again, I Guess.... A Paternless Green Albino Burmese Python, a 17 months young female, 2 meters.... BUT it is still a bit vague what that snake and I gonna do in the future... Fact is that it's a great girl... and I have an option open for a last female...! Since there's no MORE space in my house, I cannot go for the green tree boa, I always wanted, ( due to a separate enclosure egeg ) so there's ( or better : she is ) a nice alternative...

19-10-2002 : Average updates all over... 

18-10-2002 : Updates on the Webcam pages... ( take the webcam links in the top frame, and goto the Pics/2 page... ) it holds updated pics on the new enclosure. Also the rattery has some pics added, look at the second page in the top frame...

16/17-10-2002 : YEAH !  After 4 days of grueling work, the water tank is almost finished, and can be waterproofed soon. Also the first resting shelf is getting along and we'll be updating with pics asap... That is on the new enclosure :-) Meanwhile small updates where ever !!! I guess everywhere :-0 LINKS PAGES ARE BACK !!!! See top frame :-)

12/13/14-10-2002 : started assembling the huge enclosure... updates halted for a few days unless I can find the time :-)  Meanwhile, the top frame is restored, and 100 % functional.... And some final graphics are added... It's finally getting shape in here...

12-10-2002 Way tooo late :  Thanks to a pal, and a friend :-)))XXX ( YOU go girl !! )

 it seems to work now... have a try :-)

12-10-2002 : I HATE HTML !!! hehehe, sorry but there is something wrong, and I am already 23 !!! hours finding out WHAT !!! it's in the frameset somewhere, but where ???? It causes all the pages that are usually opened in the LEFT frame, to open in a whole new window !! spelling is ok, HtMl caps are fine, and code is crisp.... AAAAAHHHH, anyway the terrarium has a pre on the updates for now, and I promise somthing better asap... :-) Meanwhile you just have to close the screen when finished reading.... SORRY !!!!!!!

9/10-10-2002 : Well, the coming days I'll be updating all over, due to some new pics I have, or something new, or whatever :-) I am very pleased the way Morrison is starting to look, on the index picture...  :-))) Totally 4 new pics added in the gallery, more to come, incl a linkpage update

07-10-2002 AT WAY TOO LATE !!! : I have a new index picture and darn proud of it !! I'll get the thing better, but for now it has to do :-)

05/06/07/08-10-2002 : Coming weekend I will be updating the habitat pages, hopefully to full proportion, and there will be a link page update... We total now over 100 pages, with more then 30 hi res pictures... I wrote the first lines at 28-04-2002 and hey, I am getting to a point where I start to like this page alot !!! I hope you surfers think that also....  But let my guestbook be the judge :-)

04-10-2002 : Updates where noted, I have applied for some great awards...

02-10-2002 : The coming days will be focused on new content on the UC pages, and a better image quality on the webcam... Guess that I still have a long way to go here :-) Oh, and especially for MICK there's an enlightening story on the Habitat pages...

01-10-2002 : Hi, and welcome in a new month :-) Fall has set in here in Holland, and I just love the smell of old leaves and the tinkeling candles everywhere hehehe, But this is a site on snakes, and so I have updates in the gallery : eg, there's no more right clicking there, if you want a picture send to you, just mail us at the given address in the gallery.. also I added some more pics in the web cam dept.. There seems to be a nag on the webcam page, but it looks like we have it sorted out now... so ENJOY !!

30-09-2002 : Webcam is online and working, all updates where noted, and YEAH !!! this page totals 90 pages, so there must be something....  As the regular visitors have seen, the top frame is split up into 3 !! pages now, so if the link you searched for isn't on page 1 or 2..... go figure :-) check out the gallery for our own webcam, see where the action is :-)

29-09-2002 : Kewl, Sunshinin Diamond ( ok, OK Sunny ) has a 24/7 webcam online... look her up via the links on the front page... it works great, but when the lights are off, there not much to see :-) Anyway, courtesy of my neigbours :-) The top Frameset navigation works 100 % now, so take a renewed look folks :-)

28-09-2002 : WEBCAM PAGE ADDED !!! See gallery for more...

27-09-2002 : Check out Sunnies new pics in the gallery.... !!!!!!