STAGE 2 : Starting the winter times...


LAST UPDATE : 01-11-2003

OK, so the snakes here, still have normal temperatures, but we are at 12 hours lights on, and slowly temperatures tend to drop a bit...I try to maintain normal temperature values, by simply adding more IR heat emitting bulbs. That only gives heat, and no visible light. And the snakes notice the ammount of light that's decreasing, and also get ready for the cold period :P. But meanwhile, I still feed em more than usual, and that must be stopped, and the snake has to be completly empty befor the temperatures really drop. In the next 15 days, I'll still decrease the ammount of light, but keep temperatures normal. I'll feed the females once more, a lotta rabbit... and that has to do it for now...:-)


UPLOADED 27-11-2003 :

Ok, so we knew we had a problem on our hands with Deana. Another way to make sure that he is indeed a he, and not a she, is to let a second male, in the same tank as the other one... They WILL fight !!! and indeed they did, so Deana and Morrison are 100 % true males....

17-12-2003 : MATING PICS ONLINE !!!!!