04-08-2003 : Go to the "My snakes" dept. and read all about it :-) Also another SFE update ( unfortunately ) and some updates are coming on the big one, eg the new enclosure

26-07-2003 : Summer gallery added !!

15-07-2003 : updates all over

05-06-2003 : We are back folks... looking better than ever :-) updates all over :-)

09-05-2003 : Heya all, long time no update... Well I have a new chapter on the info section, it has to do with molting and humidity... quit a good comment I might say... cam is re installed and online again :-)

29-04-2003 : Online at the new system, all cams ( 1 ) are online :-)

20-04-2003 : links page, general content

19-04-2003 : Finally, after 10 great years, I'll say goodbye to my ever so trustful Pentium 2 !!! cause it is, at 300 Mhz, way too slow for the demands I have.. So what I have, you wonder... : 

AMD 2000+ 333 Mhz Processor, 512 Mb RAM ( infinion 333Mhz ), G force 4 Video card, 40 GB storage, 21" monitor and some old stuff from my other pc. So that means that all updates, all uploads and the streaming video are out of service, untill I have the other sytem 100 % online here..

14-04-2003 : Link page, some updates all over :-)

04-04 - - 07-04 : Gallery uploads... Huge feeding portion added.. also some links..

26-03-2003 : Links rechecked, and some updates all over.. more pics in the gallery also :-)

21-03-2003 : Hmmm 3 more days, and I can add 1 year to myself:-)

17-03-2003 ; HAPPY B DAY !!!! TO L.MJ.D.V !!!!!!!!!!! Updates small but everywhere..

07-03-2003 : Look at that gallery upload :-) almost 200 pics online now :-) Also added are the final Passport pictures of my snakes.. Hit page 2, and click the diary for those, or get there via my snakes..

01-03-2003 ;  Gallery upload, and some @mail/links in the Dutch dept changed :-) See ya all next week !!!!

28-02-2003 : Last upload for a week or so... I am taking time elsewhere :-)  There are a lotta pics added to the gallery... enjoy folks :-)

22-02-2003 : Video feed upload, and some minor thingiess

19/20-02-2003 : LIVE video feed added !!! Added some great links ( now over 70 links on the link pages !! ) and some more content. Also a gallery update.. enjoy folks..

16-02-2003 : Gallery additions, link page update and so on...

12/13-02-2003 : New  HUGE Gallery upload... enjoy folks... and some links are added..

11-02-2003 : WON THE GOLDEN WEB AWARDS !!! YEAH !!!!

10-02-2003: links page and some general info...

07-02-2003 : links update, my snakes :-)

02/03-02-2003 : Added some text to the pictures in the Gallery, added more Dutch links, and I am now working on a very special update !! See the green link on the index page..

01-02-2003 :  Huge gallery takeover :-) added more links..

29/30-01-2003 : HUGE PICTURE CHANGE !!! Check the Gallery for more... FIRST ever !!!  pics of Amanda online !!! Also Checkout the new ( DUTCH ONLY ) : 

27-01-2003 : Links page, pics page :-)

25-01-2003 : More Dutch links added, more info on the care sheets, and some general content is added.

22-01-2003 : Shooosh, uploads all over... Disease area, links page, my snakes, wall of fame, about us....

20/21-01-2003 : There's a PAGE 3 !!! in the top frame, be sure to get there if you miss anything on the first 2....!!!

Also : Care sheet added, more text on the new enclosure, some more on my own snakes and some general stuff...

18-01-2003 : Link page updates... be sure to check out Bob Clark's page... awesome... also more stuff added "about us ",, and the progress in the new enclosure..

15-01-2003  : updates in the disease area, gallery ( text only ) my snakes. and here and there some other things... nothing much though..

13-01-2003 : phew, been sick for some days... pretty sick.. but I'm getting better, I guess.. Updates all over the place, the new tank, disease area, cam is online again, and so on.. best Wishes to Pat !!!

01-01-2003 ; Happy new one peoples... Let's hope that 2003 brings nothing but peace, love and understanding...