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a true seasonal story by Gijs  van Waversveld

last upload : 06-10-2002

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Since my snakes originate about 2000 miles from where I live, and most of the light they see is from bulbs, I try to make the seasons appear in the terrarium, as best as I can... Until they all are breed ready adults, I will not actually hibernate them, but a simple adjustment to the amount of light, and the time, will have them thinking it is wintertime... or the wet season :-) The first year nothing happens, since I have the lights on a 365 day summer cycle., at the end of the 1st year, I startup the wintertime...

In the summer I have a 12/12 heat spot, and a 16/8 ( on / off ) daylight in the tank,

in the winter it slowly reduces to : 5/19 and 05/05 ( on / off ) ( and NO UV !! )

also I try to keep the humidity low a bit in the winter, and do not feed, since temperatures are lower also. Take a look at the pages dealing with my snakes, and see the lighting log, on how that works... Meanwhile I have a blog on my own breeding preps, on the breeding page, so look there for actual details.