Zo meet the world...

world meet Zo...

Last upload 03-04-2011

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FIRST PICS AT MY PLACE... CLICK HERE !!!!! ( last update 26-03-2004 )

Pedigree of Zo van Waversveld ; born in the night of 31-12-2003 on 01-01-2004 ( OH YEAH !! )

Chip number : NSHB 528140000109781 NLD

Owner : Gijs van Waversveld, Hellevoetsluis

It's a pure bred English Staffordshire Bull Terrier bitch, and on this page

I'll blog her, so you can see her grow up :P



LATEST GREATEST PICTURES OF ZOE !!!!! ( updated 30-08-2006 )



 Just 48 hours old... Here's the very first pic of her... Perhaps can you see why I chose her ...It's a gremlin :D Also notice the white spot on her head... and see it dissapate to a small white line, in just 1 week...

in this pic she kinda says " hIgH FivE  DuDe "

She has also been stepping in white paint... look a those paws on the pic below...

After 7 days, she looked just as wicked.. The white spot is a litte less, but still there...:

After 14 days she had opened her eyes, and started to hear... and woow... Look at those puppie eyes.. White spot is still there..

After 3 weeks... and magic did his thing... Bye bye penalty spot :D She still has the cutest chin I ever seen... like she has snooped some milk hehehe...  And she already has the great stafford smile... look at her..

( pic above ) Remarkable white spot... don't you agree...

Pic below : At 4 weeks

Just another 4 weeks... and I'll be taking home this adorable great gift of god...

ps : White spot gone, white line still visible...

There comes a time, where I as the new owner, have to ask Misses Z if she would like to spend her lifetime with me... look at the pic below to see how she reacted to that question... "I guess that's why they call it "puppie love "

Pic below : at 5 weeks of age... just another 3 to go hahahaha. The white spot, now is a white stripe :P


At almost 6 weeks she looks already like a true staff :P ( see pics below )

( Pic above ) That snout.... those eyes..... that smile..... AAAAAAAAAA still 15 days to go !!!!


to be continued for atleast 11 years !!!!