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Jazz Conservatory of Amsterdam
Jazz Conservatory of The Hague

Netherlands Jazz Archive
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Jazz Flutists

Eric Dolphy
The Eric Dolphy Home Page
Rahsaan Roland Kirk Links
Herbie Mann
Sam Most

Hubert Laws
Stefano Benini
Mark Lotz
Jiri Stivin
James Newton
Mark Weinstein
Jeroen Pek
Andres Belmonte

Flute Links & Resources

Larry Krantz Flute Pages
One of the major flute resources on the web
Official Internet Flute List Home Page
Join the global internet flute mailing list run by Larry Krantz & co.
Flute: All The Resources You Need
Flute resources and links
Mona's Flute Page
More flute resources and links
Flutes Are Fun
A huge index of comprehensive flute links and home pages
Jazz Flutes
A specialist site dedicated to jazz flute links
Flute History
A wealth of information on the history of the flute, classical and jazz
The Dutch Flute Society
Go here for information about all the major flute related events in the Netherlands
Kingma Flutes
Includes the revolutionary quarter tone Kingma system flutes created and constructed by Eva Kingma
Jazz Flute Page
An interesting
web site with a variety of flute related articles and many links to jazz flute players
Flute Radio
Enjoy a free on-line radio service that offers a great variety of high qaulity flute recordings
The portal for flutists with links to over 200 flute websites ordered in 17 categories!

Big Band Links

Jazzmania Big Band
Jazzfocus Big Band
Jazz Juniors Band
Big Bands In The Netherlands
Big Band Data Base
Woody Herman Society
Interesting Links to Arrangers
Big Band Sheet Music - Marina Music
Big Band Sheet Music - Sierra Music
Big Band Sheet music - Kendor Music
Big Band Sheet music - Molenaar Edition B.V.

General Music Links

Berkel Muziek - The Amsterdam music store
NTB - The Dutch Jazz Union
Free Music Graphics




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