Bermuda Kite Bibliography

The three most useful references to the Bermuda Headstick Kite with building plans and construction tips are:

Moulton, Ron and Lloyd, Pat. Kites: A practical handbook for the modern kite flyer. 2nd Edition. Nexus Special Interests, Hemel Hempstead 1997. Pages 191-192 have a detailed plan for a traditional Bermudan Head Stick Kite and some background information written by Frank Watlington.


Watlington, Frank. Bermuda Kites: How to make and fly them. A small booklet by Frank Watlington dedicated to Bermuda kites with several traditional plans (Three Stick Kite, Head Stick Kite, Round Kite and Fish Kite).


Akiyama, Yukio. Sekai no tako <Kites of the world>. Seibundo Shinkosha, Tokyo 1999. Part of a series of books on traditional kites from all over the world. Pages 99-103 have two different plans (in Japanese, but with easy to follow drawings).



Also interesting reading material can be found in:

Pelham, David. The Penguin Book of Kites. Penguin Books Ltd. 1976. Page 89 has two nice photographs of a Round Kite as well as a giant Fish Kite, while page 165 shows the dimensions of the Round Kite and Three Stick Kite.