Easter 2000 / Guyana

Various Photographs

Topical bird: This 'bird' kite entry to the Seven Seas Kite Flying competition at the Georgetown Seawall yesterday took on board political and sports issues. (Ken Moore photo)

All for good health: Proclaiming the virtues of Seven Seas was this large entry to the kite flying competition at the Georgetown Seawall yesterday. (Photo by Ken Moore)

Flying a jumbo: This 10' 6" kite was built by a group of youths at Belle Plaine, Wakenaam. The frame was made with 2" by 1" light wood and was covered with urea bags. The kite made a successful launch on Easter Monday along with hundreds of others on the island.

Kite with a message: This kite warns of the perils of drinking and driving as it depicts mini-bus crashes in minute detail, down to the name of the bus. It was one of several novelty kites at the Georgetown seawall yesterday. (Photo by Ken Moore)  

Prime Minister Sam Hinds chats with a group of picnickers resting from kite flying activities at the National Park yesterday. (Photo by Ken Moore)

Family outing: It was a wonderful time for all who chose to have an outing on Easter Monday including this family at the Georgetown Sea Wall. The weather held up just enough for the children to enjoy a day of kite flying and picnicking. (Ken Moore photo)

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